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Zoe Lee

Holly Beach Woven Brown Hand Paint

Holly Beach Woven Brown Hand Paint

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When I was 21, I bought a pair of Martin Margiela cowboy boots with hidden, elevated heels in Liberty's of London with money I had saved from 4 months worth of shifts working in a cafe in Soho...I loved them, I still have them. They have been mended perhaps over a dozen times over the past 20 years or so. The lining now is so broken that, if I put them on, I need to use a chopstick to get them off… It’s only sometimes worth it.
I don't believe in making something that already exists, unless it is an improvement. The cowboy boot is a tough one, as it’s a perfect object already, and there are so many that are works of art in existence... So this cowboy boot is the perfect cowboy boot for me (hopefully for others too!). It’s hard-wearing. The heel height is slightly higher than a normal cowboy, and I feel I can wear this in a smart situation. I love it with a full length, full sleeved chocolate brown silk, velvet dress by AF Agger (, or literally with some old cords... They're great on my bicycle, and I can be on my feet all day with them if need be...
This version of the Holly Beach is made up of an up-cycled, white, woven crust calfskin from a nearby supplier next to my factory that specialises in hand-woven leathers. The pull strap is made up of reconstituted recycled leather... The whole boot has then been hand-painted in this deep, beautiful brown ink and high shined. All by hand by a gentleman who works next to my factory and has developed all the colors himself (non toxic)...
70mm-75mm (3 inches approx), memory foam-lined insole. Leather stacked sole unit.
Pretty exact. It is a pull so roomy around the heel.... A proper stomping boot.

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