Parisian Design meets Italian Craftsmanship

Founded in 2011 Zoe Lee shoes epitomizes the artistry that comes from blending cultural influences. Zoe's journey, spanning Toronto to Paris via Asia, has culminated in the creation of an original brand. With our manufacturing based in Italy, every pair of shoes reflects the harmony between refined design and expert craftsmanship, resulting in beautiful shoes which are made to last.

Design Originality

Zoe Lee shoes are a testament to uninhibited creativity and design originality. Liberated from the confines of fashion calendars, each pair is meticulously crafted to transcend trends and express an enduring artistic vision. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources, Zoe fearlessly explores materials, techniques, and unexpected elements to create captivating footwear that tells its own unique story.

Limited Edition and Bespoke

We aim to present fresh contexts with each new style through the combination of carefully selected leathers and materials. We believe in understanding true luxury and are committed to making pieces which feel both individual and timeless. Our philosophy is to grow slowly, maintaining a scale which supports the integrity of a handcrafted object. With this in mind combined with our sourcing of lost leathers, production lines only reach 25 pairs per style. A bespoke service is also available. A wise product for a wise woman.

The Beauty of Slow Fashion

Zoe Lee champions quality, sustainability, and timelessness. Our shoes are meticulously designed and made to last, defying the disposable nature of fast fashion. We source materials that others have overlooked, repurposing and breathing new life into them. Our commitment to enduring craftsmanship and responsible consumption resonates with those who appreciate authenticity, celebrating a journey of sustainability and timeless elegance.