Founded in 2011, ZOE LEE shoes are handmade by an artisinal fifth generation maker, in Vigevano, Italy.

The primary focus of the collections is the research of materials and innovative techniques and as a result we have spent much time nurturing relationships with the best quality tanneries and craftsmen throughout Italy and France.  All our leathers are byproducts and any exotic skins we use have been up cycled.   Sourcing these takes more time and care then would normally be spent but much enjoyment is derived from this research...Quantities can be limited but this suits our scale and our ideas of responsibility towards not only our customers but our planet....

Great attention is paid to consistency in quality, finish and feel of the shoes. We aim to present fresh contexts with each new style through the combination of carefully selected leathers and materials.

We believe in understanding true luxury and are committed to making pieces which feel both individual and timeless.

Our philosophy is to grow slowly, maintaining a scale which supports the integrity of a handcrafted object and the original ethos of the brand.

A wise product for a wise woman.