Product Care

Each Zoe Lee shoe is carefully crafted with hand-selected materials textiles and leathers; over time, the appearance of the footwear is enhanced with a patina of wear meant to soften and enrich the natural beauty of the shoe. To maintain the architecture and finish of the shoe:

  • Whenever possible, insert fitted, unvarnished wooden shoe trees to absorb moisture and odor for at least an hour after removal
  • Clean leather with a soft cloth; occasionally apply a leather lotion and work into the surface using circular strokes
  • Gently clean patent leather with a soft, moist cloth
  • Spray a protectant on suede products before they are worn to avoid stains; occasionally repeat the application and clean with a brush if the shoe is soiled
  • Avoid contact with water, oil, solvents, perfume, or other substances that may harm fine leather
  • All printed leathers should not be touched or exposed to heat, especially after rain
  • Keep shoes away from harsh sunlight and dust as they tend to weaken the leathers
  • Place shoes in the cloth pouch provided and store in a cool, dry place and wipe down the soles of the shoes before placing back into the provided bag
  • Please re-stuff the shoes when putting them in the box after use.
  •  For more information on shoe care, please refer to our recommended list of shoe cobblers.


We welcome any feedback you may have regarding the care and quality of the shoes.


Disclaimer: Please note that Zoe Lee has made these recommendations simply as a courtesy to those wishing to repair our products. Consumers who make use of these locations have the sole responsibility for evaluating the suitability of the locations, their services and the results of any repairs conducted thereby. Zoe Lee assumes no responsibility or liability related thereto.