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Paris Flagship Boutique

 Zoe Lee's first stand alone shop was discovered on a fortuitous stroll with her mother around the Marais. Previously an antique store for 30 years, not much had been updated since the construction of the building in the early 1900's. French architects CIGUE were brought on board to carefully restore and make good any drastic damage.  Walls were re-plastered using traditional materials (all organic) and techniques. Most of the building team actually grew up in the Marais. Badly damaged tiles were replaced with the new materials of the shop marble and brass giving a subtle modern feel without detracting from its original historical beauty. It's a small gem of a shop in the heart of the Marais and opened it's doors in late 2013, perfectly complimenting Zoe Lee's luxury footwear as well as the charm of its Parisian neighborhood. 

Paris Boutique

19 Rue du Parc Royal

+33 (0) 1488 70 547


Shop Hours

Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Sunday: 12pm-7pm