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The creation of each edition begins with thorough research into the tools necessary for making Zoe Lee shoes.
These tools consist of texture, leather, textile and silhouette.

Never are there any themes to the editions but they do tell a story via the creation of new contexts. These new contexts are achieved by careful and well thought out use of the tools. Commitment to the creation of new contexts is what connects each edition.

This system allows the shoes to remain timeless without attachment to current trends or fashion stories but ultimately modern and original. Once a shoe has found its owner the real stories begins.

Our leathers are by-products and we source responsibly in Italy and France.

Our components are also sourced and developed in Italy and France.
We line our insoles with memory foam for longevity and comfort.

Many of our materials including exotic skins are from sourced from factory stocks ( existing and unused stock) , where the quantity is too small for a normal production run and would normally go to waste.

Several of Zoe`s designs including her signature melange styles were created with the clear intention of reducing waste and maximising sustainabilty. Created using the off cut leather pieces produced during the pattern cutting these beautiful materials are saved and then cleverly allocated to the melange styles.

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Each edition of shoes contain a large variation of leathers, treatments and techniques. We test these out as much as possible to ensure that not only will the shoes last but that they will age well.

Zoe Lee heels have all been designed by Zoe Lee over the last 10 years and have been refined to fit perfectly with balance. Many of the heels have new and interesting textures, such as hand carved wood, metal plating, and stone plating.

Unless designed otherwise, all Zoe Lee shoes are finished with a variation of trims from grosgrain piping to specially developed metal work, such as the lace ends. Every Zoe Lee shoe is detailed with a tiny gold clip on the inside line of each shoe.

With the exception of certain styles due to the construction of the shoe, all Zoe Lee shoes contain a sole with a square rubber injection mold for an anti-slide. These soles also have a hand-painted edge and are handbuilt.

All insoles are made with memory foam for comfort and longevity.

Deepening of colors and textures may occur over time. This is part of the overall design of the shoe. We welcome any feedback concerning our leathers and hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy sourcing and developing them.

If a style seems to fit well then other styles on that last are likely to as well.

All our lasts have been designed by Zoe in a number of factories throughout Italy. Each last has been developed and perfected over many years. These lasts have become a part of the permanent collection. Some of the lasts are described as longer or shorter etc. but please bear in mind that the standard Italian measurements used in last making fit within these descriptions and that the reason for the difference is mostly for look and comfort.
The style designed on each of these lasts fit a little differently according variants such as where stitching sits on the shoe, what kind of leathers/materials are used etc but generally the fit will vary less on styles made on the same lasts.

All stitch work on the shoes is in nylon thread so as not to give too much nor erode over time. Please note that due to the strength of the nylon thread, shoes with stitching around the toe area will give less then styles that have less stitch work in this area. It is best that an evening or delicate shoe does not too snug to the foot as you do not want to destroy the silhouette of the shoe. 

Wherever possible Zoe avoids extra seams (unless part of the design) so that the chosen leathers can take on the natural shape of the wearers foot without the constraints of stitch work. We welcome any feedback you may have regarding how to improve our constructions.

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